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Diversified Technologies, Inc.       (Bedford, MA)
"The Power You Need"
                Dr. Casey held the position of Technical Director at Diversified Technologies from 1997 to 2006, and continues to work closely with them on Solid-State High-Voltage Pulsed Power Systems and other cutting edge technology.  Some highlights of work where Dr. Casey played a key role:

ILC Marx Modulator

Under DOE SBIR support with Dr. Casey as PI, DTI designed and built a long pulse solid-state Marx Modulator for the International Linear Collider.  It delivers a 120 kV, 120A pulse of 1.5 ms duration at 5 Hz, with active regulation maintaining better than 0.4% flattop.
(link to DTI paper)


500 kV Marx Modulator

Under DOE SBIR support with Dr. Casey as PI, DTI designed a 500 kV short pulse (2 us) 250A modulator for the Next Linear Collider (NLC).  A 100 kV subsection of the modulator was fabricated and successfully demonstrated.  Risetime was < 300 ns at full load.
(link to DTI paper)


500 kV Marx Modulator - reprised

Under DOE SBIR support with Dr. Casey consulting from  Rockfield Research,  DTI designed an improved 500 kV short pulse modulator for NLC specs, to be tested at the Yale Magnicon facility.  Under Phase 1, a 50kV section was fabricated and demonstrated.  Phase II assembly is nearly complete (early 2014).  This design demonstrates far lower manufacturing costs & lower parasitic capacitance.


500 kV Hybrid Modulator

Under DOE SBIR support with Dr. Casey as PI, DTI designed and delivered a 500 kV, 500A, fast risetime hybrid modulator.  This consisted of an 80kV 5kA solid-state switch driving a 6.5:1 quadrifilar pulse transformer, to drive two NLC klystrons.  Delivery was to SLAC RF labs, where it remains as a development tool.
(link to DTI pub)


3.2 MW Buck Regulator

A 160 kV 20A (in) CW buck regulator was designed and delivered to CPI Palo Alto for testing long pulse high power RF tubes with depressed collectors.  Dr. Casey was the PI and designer.  It used a single solid-state 160kV 500A switch in conventional buck regulator topology.
(link to DTI paper)


USNS Observation Island - Cobra Judy Radar Upgrades

Under several contracts, DTI refitted the power systems for both the X-band (dish mid-ships) and S-band (phased array on stern turret) radars on the USNS Observation Island.  Dr. Casey designed and oversaw testing and commisionning of several components, including the S-band HV modulators, S-band fault control system, and X-band group fault matrix.



Point-of-use DC-DC power for Telcom

Dr. Casey designed a novel six-phase buck regulator for 600V to 48V stepdown, at 30 kW per drawer (shown).  The system used 6 drawers in a rack, for 150kW w/ N+1 redundancy.  Power delivery was CW, with auto-start, hot-swappability, and air cooling.
(link to DTI pub)


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