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     Rockfield Research can help you solve your most challenging scientific
instrumentation problems. 
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    Optical Design     
Rockfield Research can assist you with the design of your optical
system.  We pick up where others leave off -- with proprietary in-house ray-tracing codes,
and many years of experience writing custom add-ons to existing commercial codes.  Rockfield is an industry leader in authoring custom DLLs to add-on to the Zemax raytrace package.

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on optical design consulting.

      Electronics Design    
We can manage all aspects of your electrical design problems,
from circuit design, through layout, and manufacturing support including customized test fixturing.  We specialize in complex electronics with embedded controls.

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electronics design consulting.          

       Control Systems
      Your embedded control application may be hardwired,
or may require embedded programmable logic, embedded microprocessor control,
or interfacing to a PLC or PC based control system. -- or a mix of any of the above. 
We can help you specify, design, and maintain your controls.
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        Design for Manufacturing    Your product requires more than a design - you need a path towards robust manufacturing.  Rockfield Research is experienced in qualifying  vendors,and designing custom test fixturing to scale up your manufacturing process.
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       Applied Physics, Data Analysis      
Do you need help with physics?  ...with sifting through "big data"?   ...analysis of systems with sparse or complex inter- connections?  Rockfield Research can help you with electromagnet field modeling, thermal modeling, plasma physics modeling, extraction of meaning from large and/or sparse datasets, and more.  Call today to discuss your requirements.


        Ray Tracing:    
License for Zemax EE, and in-house proprietary codes for special applications.  Specializing in non-sequential Zemax jobs requiring add-on analysis.
        Electronics Design:    License for PADS Logic and Layout schematic and pcb design tools. 
        Mechanical Design:     Licenses for Solidworks and Autocad tools.
        Software Tools:    License for Lahey-Fujitsu 64-bit Fortran plus Gino graphics tools.  Additional compilers and assemblers for Gnu C, Fortran, ARM7 & PIC micros, CUPL &
         Analysis Tools:   GNU OctaveScilab.
        Software Development Platforms:     Win XP and W7, and Ubuntu Linux supported.  Standalone microprocessor (no OS) systems built for ARM7, PIC, and 8051 class micros.

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