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    These tools have been developed for Rockfield Research clients, to service applications with embedded cpu or cpld programming needs.   Perhaps they will simplify your next application.

In Circuit
Programming Tools

PROG02  -  In Circuit Programmer for NXP ARM7
This circuit contains a USB-Serial driver and a RS-232 signal level driver, to provide TTL level interface for programming and communications to an embedded CPU.  Two driver circuits use the handshaking lines for \RESET and  PROGRAM_SELECT according to the NXP ISP protocols.  No software provided, usable with the generic NXP (3rd party) ISP Windows software.

Call for more information or to order.

JTAG04  -  In Circuit JTAG Programmer for  ATMEL ATF1504 and ATF1508 CPLDs
This circuit contains a USB-Serial driver and an ARM microprocessor with embedded code dedicated to the Atmel '04 and '08 series complex programmable logic devices.  A Windows application drives the user end.  (beta version - tested on limited XP and W7 platforms).
     ......download the JTAG04 software here
     ......download the JTAG04 manual here

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FINE PRINT:  PLEASE download the manual and read it carefully before ordering -- this is an "in-house tool" developed for a few clients, for special applications - it has NOT been extensively tested on different configurations.    Call if you have any questions on applicability!

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