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nergetiq Technology                   (Woburn, MA)
"Advanced Light Sources for Nano-Scale
                          Fabrication & Analysis"
Rockfield Research is proud to count Energetiq Technology as one of
its key clients, providing optical and electronics design assistance since 2006.
A few completed Energetiq projects in which Dr. Casey has played a significant role.....

EQ-99  Laser-Driven Light Source

Winner of a 2011 R&D100 Award !!

Energetiq has released the EQ-99 laser driven light source, which produces very high brightness across the complete spectrum (170-2100nm).  Operating a CW laser plasma discharge, there is extremely stable brightness and very long lamp lifetime.  Dr. Casey has supported the laser-driven lamp development from early on with optical design support, and has been the principal designer of the power and control systems for the EQ-99 product.

(link to Energetiq product page)



A small number of these systems were fabricated, and they reside at manufacturing houses used for board assembly.  Manufacturing costs are reduced by bringing in-house only boards which are fully programmed, vetted, and serialized.

      Manufacturing Test Rig

As support for production of the EQ-99 product (above), Dr. Casey designed and fabricated a custom test fixture for manufacturing.

This fixture tests all three of the circuit boards used in the product.  The main board, which is controlled by an ARM7 microprocessor, is first programmed by the testrig, then all digital and analog functions are exercised.  The testrig incorporates suitable drivers and dummy loads to run all board subsystems through the full range of operations.  Thermistors, LEDs, and sensors are likewise tested during this process. 

The accompanying Windows software scripts the entire test process, logs the results, and serializes the completed boards.

EQ-800 UV LED Illuminator

Energetiq produced a "one-off" LED Illuminator product, which used a novel light pipe arrangement to combine  light from state-of-the-art LEDs at H-line, G-line, and I-line (near UV and deep blue) into an extremely uniform, NA controlled output.  Over 13 W was delivered at each line into NA=0.29 at nominal power, with high uniformity over a 40mm output window.  In addition to early prototype ray tracing support, Dr. Casey designed the power and control systems for this product - comprised of 32 separately controllable buck-regulators with microprocessor control, autocalibration capabilities, and customer friendly serial interface.




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