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Dirt   Cheap   Pulse    Generator

At last, a basic pulse generator that is both good and cheap! 

Single knob control for both pulsewidth and frequency, 
using your scope to monitor both. 

Single-shot mode with strongly debounced pushbutton. 
Will not "double-shot".    Will not auto-repeat if held down. 

Cheap enough to scatter them all over the lab!
No more looking for the pulser your neighbor borrowed!

$99.00         plus shipping  (& sales tax in NV) 
(domestic shipments only, please) 
         qty in stock 8/30/17:  10                                      


Pulse width:     70 ns to 1 sec
Rep rate:          1 Hz to 10 MHz & single-shot
Output:            +5V,   BNC,   50 Ohm series
Power:              5VDC on USB micro-B connector
                                     (AC-USB adapter included)

Pocket Size!   2.5" x 1.75" x 1"
                                            (4" long w/ knob & BNC)

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